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15&'s Park Ji Min to become youngest recipient of the 'Korean Sharing Award'

December 7, 2012 @ 7:42 am
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15&'s Park Ji Min will become the youngest recipient to receive the honorary 'Korean Sharing Award' at the '7th Korean Sharing Awards' ceremony.

A 'Korean Sharing Awards' representative stated, "Park Ji Min, despite her young age, performed an honorable deed by donating the 100 million won of her 'K-Pop Star' prize money to disadvantaged neighbors. She's become an inspiration to society," commending the singer on her charity work. Park Ji Min recently donated 50 million won (~$45,000 USD) each to the Hanbit Performing Arts Company for blind musicians as well as the World Vision charity organization.

Park Ji Min responded, "I learned from my parents that you should help those around you who are disadvantaged. All I did was put that into practice, but I feel so honored to receive such a meaningful award."

The 7th annual 'Korean Sharing Awards' will be held at the Yeouido National Assembly Building on the 8th.

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