TEEN TOP fans donate a bathroom to Cambodian community for L.Joe's birthday

November 29, 2012 @ 4:08 pm
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Fans of TEEN TOP have donated a bathroom for L.Joe's birthday.

A few photos under the title 'TEEN TOP L.Joe Cambodian bathroom' were recently uploaded online. The photos show a bathroom with a plaque hanging from it that read 'Donation by TEEN TOP L.Joe'. The Cambodian community who received the bathroom had taken a photo with the word 'Thank you' in both Korean and Cambodian.

Fans had donated the bathroom for the Cambodian community which did not have a modern one before. Because of the lack of a functional bathroom, the people in the community had suffered from various diseases. Thanks to L.Joe's fans, the community now has a modern bathroom. The bathroom construction began in September and was finished in the beginning of November.

L.Joe's fans had previously donated to the 'Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation' last year as well.

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