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T-ara's Eunjung requests withdrawal of sanction against 'Five Fingers' producers

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It's been reported that T-ara's Eunjung has requested the withdrawal of the recent sanction against the producers of SBS' 'Five Fingers'. Issues first arose this past August when Eunjung was suddenly dropped from the drama without notice after T-ara's bullying controversy.

The Korea Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) issued a letter on November 16 KST asking those in the industry to refrain from featuring in projects by the production company Yein E&M for two years.

KEMA stated, "Ham Eunjung's contract with the drama was already finalized, and after she participated in poster shoots for drama promotions, the press conference, and first filming, [she was dropped, which is against usual regulations]." Her agency, Core Contents Media, filed a suit for 140 million Won ($128,225 USD) due to breach of contract.

Eunjung, who has wrapped up promotions of "Sexy Love" in Japan along with the rest of T-ara, heard the news overseas, and she's reportedly asked KEMA to withdraw the two-year ban.

According to a press release from Core Contents Media, "After Eunjung saw the headlines in Japan, she contacted the agency and strongly requested that the sanction against the 'Five Fingers' producers be canceled as she does not want more victims [of the controversy other than herself]."

"Eunjung said that she thinks the producers received harm because of events that occurred at the time, and though she's thankful that the Korea Entertainment Management Association has laid down the decision to protect actors, [she believes] everything is in the past. [She wishes for things to end well]."

CCM has relayed Eunjung's message to KEMA, and KEMA has also announced her position on the matter.

Source: Osen; Newsen via Nate


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