[Spoiler] Song Ji Hyo displays her athleticism on 'Running Man'

November 13, 2012 @ 12:05 am
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Actress and 'Running Man' cast member Song Ji Hyo lived up to her 'Ace' designation on the latest episode, where the cast and guests played a frenetic game of 'superpower baseball'.

As Song Ji Hyo stood on first base, pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin stepped to the mound to pitch when he noticed the actress trying to sneakily steal her way to second base. Although he quickly turned around and lobbed the ball towards first base, Song Ji Hyo dived back to base before the ball could reach her, landing on her stomach.

"What kind of actress does a slider?" Lee Kwang Soo and the others exclaimed in amazement, as Song Ji Hyo was deemed to be 'safe'.

Check out the full episode below! (Song Ji Hyo's "slide" starts around 34:40 mark on the second clip)

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