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Son Dam Bi discusses the thought process behind her comeback

November 20, 2012 @ 1:46 am
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Having made her long-awaited comeback to the music scene, Son Dam Bi has experienced mixed reactions from the public with her new track "Dripping Tears".

The singer met with reporters on the 19th and revealed her opinions as well as sharing the thought process behind her new comeback.

She commented, "A lot of people were expecting something more provocative, but I didn't want to do something that was suggestive. That's why I tried to avoid any dramatic or intentional exposing of skin."

"This is a song that I was actually planning to release during the summer, but it got delayed. During the delay, the song went from a much faster paced tempo to a more slow beat, and I also utilized a different singing style. Out of all the songs I've released, I've put in the most effort into this one. The choreography was also changed up about six times," she revealed.

Son Dam Bi also further added, "I tried hard to to mix my sexy side with my emotional side. This is the first time I've stood on stage since debut with my hair completely down. Although it might look a bit racy to some, I personally tried to put on a stage that felt as natural as possible."

On making her comeback after two years, she remarked, "It's hard getting adjusted as it's been a while since I've appeared on music programs. It seems like a lot of things have changed so I'm constantly being surprised."



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