Posters for Hara, Hyorin, and HyunA's new 'Chum-Churum' CF revealed

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Earlier, it was announced that Hyori would be passing the baton to her five year long engagement as the sole CF model for Lotte Liquor's 'Chum-Churum' to Hara, Hyorin, and HyunA.

The long-awaited poster has finally been released as the girls prepare to begin their official contract duties starting next month! To continue with their brand's modern and trendy image, Lotte decided to bring in three fresh new faces as representatives of their brands, and who else can be a better choice than HyunA, who's known as the 'post-Hyori' idol, Hara, who combines both a cute and sexy charm, and finally Hyorin, who commands the stage with her sexy performances and killer vocals.

A representative of Lotte stated, "As the original sexy icon, Lee Hyori helped create a public friendly image for the brand. HyunA, Hara, and Hyorin will be mixing in their cuteness and freshness into our brand's sexy image. Although all three are still young, we're looking forward to how they'll be using their bubbly charms to create a new image for 'Chum-Churum'."

The first poster shoot went well for the girls, with staff on set revealing that they were actually more competitive than they let on and pulled off each of their set images to a T.

Another representative stated, "With the change in the much coveted position of Lee Hyori being turned over to her juniors, people are interested in the competition that will arise out of it. The three will definitely display some sexy competition as models for our soju brand."

Fans can expect more promotional content coming from the girls in the next six months.



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