Lee Kwang Soo to dub for 'Maritime Police Marco'

November 23, 2012 @ 2:32 am
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Actor Lee Kwang Soo will be taking on his first attempt at dubbing as he has been cast to dub the animation movie, 'Maritime Police Marco' (working title).

'Maritime Police Marco' is a comic fantasy animation about a maritime policeman named Marco who must save an island. The main character Marco will be voiced over by Lee Kwang Soo.

A movie representative commented, "Lee Kwang Soo has gained popularity through his activities in the acting and variety show fields. He is also recognized by the public for his comical, yet cute image displayed on 'Running Man'. We believe he's the perfect candidate for the role, so we gave him the cast offer."

'Maritime Police Marco' is aiming to hit theaters in February of 2013.



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