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Girl's Day's Minah updates fans with adorable photos of niece and Hyeri

November 18, 2012 @ 2:00 am
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Girl's Day's Minah updated her fans with two sets of selcas.

The first set was taken with her adorable niece. Minah tweeted: "Hayool~~ Your eyes are bigger than your auntie's~~!! >_< Hayool can be a celebrity ~~~ Peekaboo." Though Minah had no makeup on, her skin looks flawless, no different from the set of photos she uploaded later with full on-stage makeup.

The second set of selcas were uploaded a few hours later, presumably after 'Music Bank'. She wrote, "Keuahhhh, it was pouring when we came out after work~ Thanks so much to everyone who came to support us >_< [Here are] photos I took with Hyeri, while we were waiting (Laugh)."

Fans tweeted back, "Your skin is amazing!", "You're just as cute as the baby", and "Your niece looks like you".


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