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G-Dragon gifts a self-designed luxurious vacation home to his parents

November 19, 2012 @ 8:01 pm
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Big Bang leader G-Dragon gifted a luxurious vacation home to his parents and it has become a hot topic among his fans.

Photos of the vacation house were recently uploaded online under the title, 'G-Dragon's present of a vacation house to his parents is the best'. It was revealed that G-Dragon himself designed the interior of the house. The beautiful house is located by the water in Pocheon, Gyeonggido, and is named Dolce Vita. G-Dragon's father is named the CEO of the building and his parents will run the vacation house together as an inn so guests will have the opportunity to lodge there.

The home includes ten rooms named after various Big Bang and his own solo songs such as "Haru Haru", "VIP", "Crayon", "Tonight", "Butterfly", "Heaven", and more. The house features two spas with entertainment media center, an infinity edge swimming pool, outside shower, and more.

When fans saw the photos, they commented, "He's using his money in a good manner for his parents", "It's not bad to use as much as you earn", and "I wish I could do that for my parents".


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