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Dal Shabet to serve the first ball + hold congratulatory performance for 'NH Nonghyup 2012-2013 V League'

November 11, 2012 @ 12:12 am
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Dal Shabet will be holding a congratulatory performance for the 'NH Nonghyup 2012-2013 V League'.

The ladies have been invited to the KEPCO Big Storm vs Rush and Catch opening game, and will be throwing the first serve as well as performing their hit song "Mr. Bang Bang". Maknae Subin will be the one serving the first ball.

Subin said, "This is our first time being invited to a volleyball match, so I'm nervous. But I'll do a cool serve and show how much I've practiced. I hope you look forward to the opening game as well as our congratulatory performance."

In other news, Dal Shabet has recently released the teaser for their newest song, "Have, Don't Have".



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