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Actress Kim Jung Eun receives a box of Pepero from her 'son'

November 11, 2012 @ 4:16 am
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Actress Kim Jung Eun uploaded a proof shot of the pepero she received from child actor Uhm Do Hyun, who plays the role of Kim Jung Eun's son on 'Oohlala Couple'.

On November 10th, the actress tweeted, "My son 'Gi Chan' in the drama said it's Pepero Day and gave me pepero... (I really never knew what and when Pepero Day was!)," and uploaded the photo above in which both stars are seen posing closely together while striking a V-pose for the camera.

'Pepero Day' is a romantic holiday in Korea similar to Valentine's Day and is celebrated by couples, in which they exchange boxes of Pepero to show their affection. The holiday is celebrated every year on November 11th.

Source: Kim Jung Eun's Twitter

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