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Rookie group EXCITE releases music videos for "Try Again"

October 19, 2012 @ 12:22 am
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EXCITE, another new rookie group hoping to leave their mark on the industry, will finally be releasing their album after gaining attention with their participation on Brown Eyed Girls' Ga In's 'Fashion King' reality series.

The group originally intended to release their debut album back in July but due to issues, the date had been pushed back.

Ahead of its release, the five member boy group, has revealed their music videos for "Try Again", showcasing their talents through the drama version as well as the dance version.

EXCITE is Penta Entertainment's first male idol group, and is made up of members Seunguk, Minhoo, Sihyuk, Beat, and Tae.G.

Check out their debut MV below!

dance version

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