Park Jung Min denies dating designer Song Hye Myung

October 30, 2012 @ 12:44 pm
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Park Jung Min of SS501 has denied dating designer Song Hye Myung, who made Facebook posts about their alleged breakup.

A representative stated on the 30th, "Though the two do know each other, the rumor that they've dated is 100% false." According to Park Jung Min's agency, Song Hye Myung participated in the clothing concept for SS501's 'Destination' album as well as Park Jung Min's music video for his Japanese project, 'ROMEO'.

The agency stated, "Though it's possible that they had chances to be alone together for business reasons like staff meetings, outings, and clothing fittings, they've never met for personal reasons... Park Jung Min said, 'I'm okay. Let's not worry about it, and prepare for my comeback in November. I didn't think what she said was that important, and I didn't know things would get this out of hand.'"

Park Jung Min stated in a phone call with his agency, "There's no reason to disappoint my fans. I believe they'll cheer me on. The fans are extremely well informed, and if I had done something to create a misunderstanding, they would know first. I'm fine, so I'll stay quiet about the issue."

Source: Star In
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