Kang Ho Dong confirmed to return to 'Star King' this November

October 4, 2012 @ 4:28 am
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Kang Ho Dong's long awaited return on SBS' 'Star King' has finally been confirmed for this November!

An SBS representative revealed on the 4th, "Kang Ho Dong will work together with [SBS' 'Family Outing's] PD Jang and is confirmed to return to 'Star King' mid- November. Kang Ho Dong's representatives are discussing the details concerning the specific date of his return to 'Star King'. Either today or tomorrow, Kang Ho Dong's return to 'Star King' will be publicly announced. PD Jang and the writers will work hard to bring out the unique charms of 'Star King' and will entertain with an even more variety feeling added into show."

Kang Ho Dong's return will come after Super Junior's Leeteuk enlists into the army on the 30th.

Welcome back Kang Ho Dong!

Photo: Mydaily

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