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INFINITE members attend premiere for their 3D film, 'INFINITE Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D'

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INFINITE recently attended the premiere for the 3D movie, 'INFINITE Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D'.

It had been revealed earlier in the summer that the boy group, following the footsteps of Big Bang and the artists of SM Entertainment, would have their concert footage reproduced into a 3D film. The film promises to showcase special performance shots only revealed at the encore concert, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

During the press conference, the members were asked, "You will get to approach your fans through this film, with this opportunity, are there any members that hope to take a shot at acting?" Leader Sunggyu replied, "It has sparked all of our desires to act. Besides Dongwoo, we all have acting experience. I think INFINITE will be able to be carefully call ourselves 'actor-dols' from now on. Next time I hope to participate not in a concert movie, but in a real movie."

He continued, "I've actually never taken on an official role in a drama. Hoya portrayed a touching role on tvN's 'Reply 1997'. I enjoyed it a lot watching at home, and it further sparked my desire to act. I want to take on a role as cool as Hoya's."

In response to Sunggyu's praise, member Hoya humorously replied, "The day will come (when you will get to take on a role as cool as mine)."

Furthermore, member Hoya revealed his thoughts about the film as well. He stated, "It's a movie that recreates our concert into 3D. Although it's nice to see us live, some people seem to like seeing our faces close-up on a big screen. I hope that those fans who have yet to attend one of our concerts watch the movie and come to one of our concerts next time. We're thankful."

In addition when asked, "What scene do you remember most from the movie?" Hoya replied, "It was the scene where I rose to the stage for my solo performance. There was a part where I ripped my shirt off as part of the performance and I was worried that because of that scene, the movie would be rated 19+. Thankfully that didn't happen so students will be able to watch."

Meanwhile, INFINITE's movie will be airing on the 18th of this month in South Korea, and will soon after be released simultaneously in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and other Asian countries.


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