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Details of miss A's upcoming album revealed

October 8, 2012 @ 2:55 pm
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After the members tweeted a teaser photo from their website, more details regarding miss A's comeback have surfaced.

Information of miss A's upcoming album were posted on a music site and the album is already available for preorder.

Titled 'Independent Women Pt 3', the group's new mini-album will pay homage to their idol Destiny's Child hit single 'Independent Women'.


01. Can Live Without Men (Title)
02. Ma Style
03. If I Were a Boy
04. Madness (Feat. Taecyeon of 2PM)
05. Time's Up

The title track "Can Live Without Men" is a southern hip-hop song composed and written by J.Y. Park. The song has a bright melody and sings about young women who work hard and live confidently without needing a man to survive.

Fans are highly anticipating miss A's comeback as it's been revealed that Phil Thornalley, who composed Pixie Lott's "Mama Do", participated in the album and labelmate 2PM's Taecyeon also lent his voice for the track "Madness".

Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: ilovekart
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