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CSJH's Stephanie releases solo debut MV "Game" + single 'The New Beginning'

October 8, 2012 @ 3:38 am
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Having previously joined forces with Media Line Entertainment to prepare for her new solo career, CSJH the Grace member Stephanie has finally released her debut music video for "Game"!

CEO Kim Chang Hwan has always thought highly of Stephanie's skills and so has brought forth the best of his production tactics to ensure her solo debut a success. He's given SM Entertainment rights to produce her album, and the two giants have decided to go ahead with a dance number that gives Stephanie plenty of opportunities to showcase her outstanding dance skills.

"Game" is a mix of progressive and electro house that works to captivate the ears of listeners with its punky rhythm and electronic sounds.

Check out her music video below, as well as songs from her single, 'The New Beginning'!

Tell us what you think of her solo debut in the comments.

Dance (NaNaNa)

Game (DJ Koo Clubmix)

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