ABC's 'Live! with Kelly & Michael' music director is a fan of TVXQ?

October 3, 2012 @ 10:36 am
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The music director of American network ABC's 'Live! with Kelly & Michael' has been revealed as a fan of TVXQ.

The show, which ranks #1 in terms of viewer rankings, played TVXQ's new song "Catch Me" as their opening song. The two MCs Kelly and Michael even danced to the chorus of the song before they sat down. It is the first time that a Korean song played during a foreign broadcast before any domestic promotions began.

ABC commented, "The 'Kelly Show' music director heard TVXQ's song on iTunes first and liked it so much that it was used as the opening song. We are very happy because the response to the broadcast has been very good."

Check out the clip below if you missed it!

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