KARA's Hara reveals what she'd like to change about herself

September 6, 2012 @ 11:45 am
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KARA's Hara revealed what she'd like to change about herself.

On the September 5th episode of SBS' 'One Night Of TV Entertainment', the ladies of KARA, who recently returned with "Pandora", held a brief interview.

The girls asked fellow member Hara if there was anything she wanted to change about herself, and the singer answered, "One of my legs is really swollen. I have a severe case of edema." Hearing this, the members, who are envious of Hara's slim figure, teased: "Swollen where?!"

Hara then tried to explain herself saying, "Just when I'm walking around and I feel a heaviness on one side, I give my muscles a few taps. It's a habit of mine."

She also revealed that the secret to her slim figure is her 'frog jump', giving a personal demonstration.

Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate

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