A Pink and B2ST film a uniform CF together

September 18, 2012 @ 5:45 pm
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Groups A Pink and B2ST were spotted filming an uniform CF together on the latest episode of 'A Pink News' season 3.

The two groups divided and paired up into couples, showing off a sweet and innocent image for the couple shoots. However, in order to tease Namjoo, Doojoon asked her to choose between KiKwang and himself. When Namjoo chose KiKwang, Doojoon caused everyone to burst into laughter by not being able to remain calm.

Hayoung and Dongwoon on the other hand, had everyone asking whether they were related because of their extremely similar features.

Viewers commented on the episode with, "Both A Pink and B2ST look good in uniform" and "They really look like high school couples!"

Check out the episode below!

Source + image via Nate

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