Shin Dong Yup and Hong Suk Chun chosen as MCs for Korea's first transgender talk show

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Shin Dong Yup and Hong Suk Chun will be the MCs for the first ever transgender talk show in Korea.

A representative of KBS Joy stated on August 23rd, "Shin Dong Yup and Hong Suk Chun have been chosen as the MCs for a new transgender talk show on KBS Joy called 'XY That Girl'."

'XY That Girl' will be about those living out their lives as a transgender and the struggles they face as they live as one who is familiar with both the lives of men and the hearts of women. The fact that a show like this will be airing in Korea has already brought much attention.

Shin Dong Yup, who is not one to mince words, and Hong Suk Chun, who is known to be Shin Dong Yup's close friend as well as the first celebrity to come out in Korea, will be taking on the role of MCs, and many are looking forward to the two's collaborative efforts.

Shin Dong Yup expressed his feelings as an MC of the show by saying, "I have had a lot of interest in the human rights of those in the sexual minority. I will work hard to help dispel the judgement and stereotypes made against transgenders."

Hong Suk Chun stated, "As one in the minority, I want to have open and honest discussions with the guests on the show."

Model Kim Young Yi will also be helping to host 'XY That Girl', which will air its first broadcast on September 6th.

Source: TV Daily via Nate


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