Hwayoung and sister Hyoyoung revealed to have visited different entertainment agency

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It's been reported that previous T-ara member Hwayoung and sister Hyoyoung went to visit an entertainment agency other than Core Contents Media, on the 1st of August.

The two sisters, who went to visit CCM's president Kim Kwang Soo the day before on the 31st KST, were revealed to have met with a representative of Maru Entertainment.

Although details of the conversation are undisclosed, people are convinced that the meeting may have been taken to mediate the current issues at hand. Maru Entertainment's president Lee Jae Hyuk is reported to have ties to CCM, and it seems that Hwayoung is communicating with Maru Entertainment after discussions with CCM.

Hwayoung posted the statement "Please stop now" on her Twitter account on the 30th, and as of this moment, the dispute between the two parties appears to have been settled.

On the 1st, the president of CCM made an official statement regarding his conversation with Hwayoung, stating that the discord between the artist and himself has been resolved. During this time, Core Contents Media stated that Hwayoung had expressed her desire to go her own way and pursue her own music.

The question of whether or not Hwayoung will return to T-ara has yet to be answered. Many are curious to find out if she and Core Contents Media will continue talking it out, or if Hwayoung will explore a new route with a different agency.

Source + Image: Osen


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