'Feast of the Gods' co-stars Sung Yuri and Lee Sang Woo deny dating rumors

August 27, 2012 @ 6:33 pm
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Actress Sung Yuri and actor Lee Sang Woo have recently been swept up in dating rumors.

One media outlet reported on August 27th that the two who came together to act in 'Feast of the Gods' have transformed into a couple in real life.

A rep from Sung Yuri's agency then denied the rumors saying, "We were truly taken aback by these rumors. After the drama shoot came to an end, Sung Yuri and Lee Sang Woo have not seen each other even once."

The rep continued, "I even personally spoke to Sung Yuri on the phone. She said the dating rumors with Lee Sang Woo were not true, and she could not hide her shock. I don't know how these baseless rumors spread, and why."

Likewise, a rep from Lee Sang Woo's agency remarked, "I have not heard of Lee Sang Woo dating Sung Yuri. I'm more shocked that dating rumors involving Lee Sang Woo even began. Lee Sang Woo is busy filming his new MBC drama."

Netizens who liked the pairing in the recently concluded drama seemed to be a bit disappointed as they responded, "I wish celebrities could date freely now!", "Hmm so are the rumors not true?", and more.

Source & Image: HK KJ via Nate

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