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CCM reveals the dark side of Hwayoung, mudslinging ensues

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Following their announcement regarding the termination of Hwayoung's contract, Core Contents Media recently revealed some of Hwayoung's unacceptable behavior in the past, furthering the mudslinging.

According to CCM, after their Budokan concert and return to Korea on July 27th, T-ara was preparing to go on stage for a live broadcast of KBS's 'Music Bank'. With only two groups before them left to go, Hwayoung suddenly decided that she did not want to perform on stage that day.

CCM had decided that due to her leg injury, Hwayoung would sit on a chair on stage for her rap segment, and so the girls had successfully completed their camera rehearsal before the broadcast. However, Hwayoung suddenly changed her mind and refused to go on stage with 2 groups left to go.

The agency stated that in order to prevent an accident on live TV, members Eunjung and Hyomin were pressed to learn Hwayoung's rap segment in the short amount of time they had before their turn. With the new pressure, Hyomin was clearly nervous and ended up making a mistake during the rap segment.

On the way home, Hwayoung, in front of fans and reporters, threw down her crutches and sat on the floor, threatening to yell at the managers in public. It has also been revealed that Hwayoung has shown both fans and reporters a similar side to her, with unacceptable actions and behavior on the set of 'Music Bank'.

CCM CEO Kim Kwang Soo stated, "We will not be revealing any more of Hwayoung's similar behaviors outside of the 'Music Bank' incident because we do want to protect her. I am also sorrowed by the words left on Hwayoung's Twitter."


Source + Image: Newsen


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