Jewelry's Yewon gets rejected by Lee Hyun Woo and INFINITE's L

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Jewelry's Yewon was faced with an embarrassing situation on the latest episode of 'Invincible Youth 2', bringing laughter to viewers with her hilarious reactions.

The June 2nd broadcast of KBS's 'Invincible Youth 2' consisted of only miss A's Suzy and Jewelry's Yewon along with special guest appearances made by Noel's Kang Kyun Sung, Shinhwa's Andy, INFINITE's L, actor Lee Hyun Woo, actor / singer Baek Sung Hyun, and comedian Park Hwi Soon. The rest of the G6 members, KARA's Kang Ji Young, Girls' Generation's Sunny and Hyoyeon, and SISTAR's Bora were absent due to their group activities.

Yewon's embarrassment began when MC Boom first asked INFINITE's L, "Out of Suzy and Yewon, which member would you like to become closer with?" to which he replied, "I want to become closer with both of them, but I'd like to become closer with Suzy, in particular."

To this, Yewon shot back, "You should have just not said anything! I'd rather become closer with Lee Hyun Woo."

But much to her surprise, actor Lee Hyun Woo also blurted, "But, I also choose Suzy," causing Yewon to suffer an embarrassing moment. Yewon hilariously remarked, "I'm leaving!" as she slung her bag around her shoulder, bringing laughter on the set.

The emcees then held a popularity vote in which the guest members voted between the two G6 members. Yewon unfortunately received only one vote, adding to her embarrassment.

Check out the full episode below! (Starts around the 7:05 mark.)

Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate


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