Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Eun Seo confirmed to have been dating since April

June 20, 2012 @ 7:07 pm
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It seems that Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Eun Seo have been developing feelings with each other for quite some time now!

Recently, we reported that the two were revealed to be in a relationship and it seems the relationship began some time ago. A representative from Choi Jin Hyuk's company has now confirmed this piece of news, adding, "We knew that [Choi Jin Hyuk and Seo Eun Seo] had started dating back in April."

Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Eun Seo met while acting in SBS's 'My Daughter the Flower'. The same representative revealed the nature of the couple's relationship during their days as co-workers, as he continued, "They became friends sometime towards the end of filming 'My Daughter the Flower'. As they met four times a week in order to film, they seemed to have developed a good impression of each other."

Despite the sweet news, as Son Eun Seo has made an appearance on 'We Got Married' on a date with Super Junior's Donghae, netizens have mainly commented with the idol in mind, saying, "The Choi Ji Hyuk who has won against Donghae," and "What's Donghae supposed to do now..."

Source & Image: Nate, Sports World via Nate

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