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Check out the MV for the Japanese version of B1A4's "Beautiful Target"

June 4, 2012 @ 5:01 am
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As previously reported, B1A4 will be making their official Japanese debut on June 27.  Today, Pony Canyon released the music video for the group's first single, a Japanese remake of their hit "Beautiful Target".

The new music video retains the group's fresh and fun image, while giving fans even brighter visuals.  Overall, the video focuses more on showcasing each member, rather than progressing a storyline.

Aside from their debut on June 27th, B1A4 are also slated to hold a hand shake event on June 30th.  They also plan to hold special events in Kawasaki on July 1st as well.

Watch the happy-go-lucky MV below.

Thanks to sachiko for the tip.



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