World famous choreographer Robert Steinbacher to work with B2ST for 'Body Art'

May 11, 2012 @ 2:32 am
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World famous choreographer Robert Steinbacher has revealed that he will be visiting Korea to work with B2ST!

Steinbacher is most known for working with the likes of Janet Jackson and Tony Braxton and was a former gymnast representing Germany. Now he works as a fitness therapist in addition to being a choreographer in 15 different countries.

His visit to Korea is specifically to work with B2ST for their 'B2ST Body Art' DVD, which is scheduled for release this summer, as well as to feel the K-Pop wave for himself. Steinbacher will be on set with the boys to teach them a choreography personally created by him.

'Body Art' is an exercise program that combines yoga and pilates.

'Body Art' CEO Han Jung Suk stated, "Steinbacher has always taken a huge interest in K-Pop and has expressed interest in visiting Korea for a while. He saw B2ST's videos through YouTube and praised them on their energetic music and dance moves."

He continued, "He was disappointed for not being able to make it to B2ST's German concert in February due to scheduling conflicts. Instead, he's spending a lot of time making sure that he's got B2ST's Body Art choreography down for his visit."

Cube Entertainment also expressed, "The members of B2ST are very much looking forward to working with him. They're receiving a lot of health tips from 'Body Art' while working on their comeback, so they will be returning with a healthy image soon."

Source + Photos: Newsen

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