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TEEN TOP celebrates their fan club's first inauguration ceremony

May 28, 2012 @ 11:38 pm
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TEEN TOP's L.Joe and Ricky recently snapped a photo together before their fan club meeting, 'Angel First Stage Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony'.

On May 28th, L.Joe uploaded the shot onto TEEN TOP's official me2day and wrote, "Today is Angel's [their official fan club name] 1st fan club inauguration ceremony~hehe beside me is Ricky who is acting all cool keke".

TEEN TOP's fan club meeting, 'Angel First Stage Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony' was held in Seoul on May 28th just in time for the release of their new third mini album coming up on May 30th!

Moments later, Niel added another photo with the caption, "Today was so fun. Let's go together until that candle on the top grows to 10, 100, and 1000."

Fans also rejoiced the memorable moment and left various comments such as, "Congratulations on your first fan club meeting", "I will make sure to attend the second one =)", and "I love you TEEN TOP! fighting!"

Source + Photos: Teen Top's me2day

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