KARA ranks high in Japanese popularity study

May 9, 2012 @ 11:40 am
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Girl group KARA has surpassed the popularity of famous Japanese actress Aoi Yu.

Recently, a famous Japanese research company, Video Research, conducted a study measuring the popularity of famous people throughout Japan. The results showed that the KARA members were the 28th most popular people in Japan.

In this study, KARA surpassed the likes of Aoi Yu and Nagasawa Masami, and were the only foreign stars who made it on the list. It was reported that Video Research hired advertising professionals to use advertisement contracts as credible data to rank the popularity of stars. Currently, KARA is active as advertisement models in a variety of categories, including hair dyes, food and beverages, medicines, and baking materials.

Of the results, the advertising professionals stated, "I like KARA because all 5 members have different characters. Their efforts in speaking accurate Japanese causes me to like them."

KARA will hold their Japanese tour concerts, starting on May 16th at the Tokyo YoYoKi Stadium and the Saitama Super Arena.

Source: Star News via Naver

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