Japanese AV star, Aoi Sola to debut in Korea as singer-actress

May 6, 2012 @ 1:44 pm
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Aoi Sola, who is a well known figure in the Japanese adult video industry, will be debuting her singing and acting in Korea.

In order to debut as a K-Pop singer, Aoi Sola recently came to South Korea.  It's been reported that she will be recording a music video at a night club in Ilsan, Kyung Ki Do on May 7th.  According to a representative, "Aoi is currently preparing for singing activities in Korea.  To officially prepare for her debut, she recently visited Korea."

In addition, the music video will be featuring a famous dance team in Korea called 'Love Cubic'.  'Love Cubic' is a famous 5-girl member group that currently has a fan base of around 50,000.

Furthermore, on May 4th, Aoi Sola tweeted, "I dyed my hair after 4 years for this project.  I am actually in Korea right now", surprising many of her fans.

Aside from her planned activities in singing, Aoi Sora also has been cast in a future Korean movie called 'Vacance'.  It appears Aoi Sola will be debuting, both as an actress and singer in the near future.

You can check out our sister site tokyohive interview with Aoi Sola here.

Source + Photos: Osen

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