Dalmatian members transform from puppies to beasts

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Boy group Dalmatian showed off chiseled abs in their latest MV.

Dalmatian released their mini-album 'State Of Emergency' on May 16th, their first release in over a year. In the music video for their title track, the boys put both their abs and sexy charm on full display.

All the members opted to ditch their shirts for the "E.R" MV as they effortlessly pulled off the choreography. Their six packs along with the tattoos on their pectoral muscles brought out their fierce masculine charm.

The group recently met with a reporter and stated, "As we were preparing for this album the past year and three months, we also worked on building up our bodies. There is nothing to do around our dorm, so we ended up focusing on only our album and working out. After hell-like training, all of our members have created extremely fit bodies."

Member Simon added, "We wanted to show you a new side of ourselves through our music videos. We are probably the first group to film a MV where all the members are shirtless."

Simon is the newest addition to the group, and Dalmatian will now be promoting as a 5-member team. Their newest album was produced by producing team Double Side Kick, and all five members have participated in composing, writing, and producing the songs.

Their agency remarked, "This is a high-quality album that was put together over the course of a year and three months, and the members will be showing you a side of themselves that's different from the fresh image they pushed with "That Man Opposed".

Meanwhile, Dalmatian will officially kick off promotions for 'State Of Emergency' with a comeback performance on Mnet's 'M! Countdown' on May 17th.

Source & Image: OSEN via Nate


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