T-ara to announce their member changes on April 6th

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Core Contents Media previously announced that T-ara would be undergoing extensive member changes this month. CEO Kim Kwang Soo dropped several details since then, and previously stated April 7th as their announcement date. However, it seems, CCM has decided to move up the announcement date to April 6th.

Fans have been holding their breaths for what's to come, especially since T-ara has been on a tremendous roll these past two years with hits after hits under their belt. Fans need not wait much longer, as everything will finally be settled on April 6th.

To recap if you haven't been keeping up, there's a chance of the group losing members, as well the chance of adding two new members to bring up the member total to nine. Kim Kwang Soo stated previously, "When I look back on my 30 years of experience in discovering new talent, by their third year they become full of themselves, and lazy.  If they are not always on the edge of their seat and working hard, and think that they can just get by with what they already have, they will not be able to beat the competition.  I have seen many singers become complacent because of their pride.  For the members who have no singing ability and do not work hard, I will not give them parts [in the songs]."

He revealed that the purpose is not to just aimlessly take people out, and add others, but to implement a competitive strategy so that those who work hard and display their talents will be given more activities and opportunities, while those who sit back and "think highly of themselves" will not receive more opportunities.

However, most industry officials believe that rather than taking out members, there will be an addition of members to reform T-ara as a nine member group.

An official of Core Contents Media commented, "We can't confirm anything right now. We originally planned to make the announcement on the 7th, but we have instead decided to pull it up to the 6th. We will reveal everything then."


[Update: check out the latest development on this story in the newest article here]

Stay tuned for the official announcement tomorrow!

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver


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