Son Dam Bi bids $1 million USD for the apartment she had been leasing

April 3, 2012 @ 6:53 am
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After being put up for auction after a foreclosure, the new owner of the officetel (office + hotel), which Son Dam Bi had been leasing, has been revealed!

The winner, who bid and won the auction at 1.2 billion Won (~ $1 million USD), is none other than Son Dam Bi herself.

According to the real estate auction, 'The Shop Star City Apartment b' in Jayang-dong, Seoul was successfully auctioned off at $1 million USD.

Son Dam Bi was the sole bidder and won the place at a price of 92.31% of the appraised value.

Her company Pledis commented on April 2nd, saying "It's a place she has been living in happily for the past few years, and decided on the purchase to avoid financial issues."

Initially, this officetel appeared on the auction in February, but had failed to receive the minimal bid.

Son Dam Bi, as the last tenant with the lease, could have lost over 200 million Won (~$178,258 USD) of her deposit if the place had been sold off at the minimum value.

Source: Sports Donga via Nate


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