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Simon D and Dynamic Duo's Choiza arrive in Seattle for 'Amoeba Culture and Kero 1' concert

April 12, 2012 @ 11:59 am
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Rapper Simon D and Dynamic Duo's Choiza recently snapped a photo together after landing in Seattle for the 'Amoeba Culture and Kero 1' concert.

On April 11th, Simon D wrote on Twitter, "Arrived in Seattle. Proof-shot selca with Choiza hyung and three Americans," jokingly commenting on the security guards who happen to be in the photo's background.

The two are seen posing closely together with faint smiles on their faces. Fans replied to Simon D's tweet saying, "How's the weather?" "I wish I was there," "Welcome to the States!" and "Good luck on your concert."

Simon D and Dynamic Duo have arrived in Seattle for their 'Amoeba Culture and Kero 1' concert taking place on April 13th at Showbox at the Market.

Source: Simon D's Twitter

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