Se7en talks about how his relationship with Park Han Byul became stronger after going public

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Singer Se7en explained that the leaked photos of himself and girlfriend Park Han Byul actually saved their relationship.

On the April 3rd episode of SBS 'Strong Heart', Se7en talked about his 10-year relationship with girlfriend, actress Park Han Byul.

"Our relationship never grew stale, but it became challenging at the 7 year mark," he said. "I was in the US to advance into the American market, and because we were far apart from each other, we fought often."

After a rather serious argument, Se7en returned to Korea because of visa issues and met Park Han Byul, but the two didn't have enough time to properly organize their thoughts and their fight only became more serious. The two finally decided to call it quits.

"I was sobbing all the way home, when Park Han Byul called me," he continued. "It was like a scene in the movies. Photos of us had been hacked and leaked all over the internet."

"There was no way to deny it, as we were so obviously a couple," he explained. "I met with her again to discuss how we were going to resolve this, and we realized that the both of us never wanted to really break up and that it was just a big misunderstanding."

"So we actually started seeing each other again because of the leaked photos, and decided to boldly date publicly," he said.

Source & Image: Newsen via Nate


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