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Legendary veteran singer, Cho Young Pil permits Bobby Kim to remake his song!

April 23, 2012 @ 9:26 am
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Legendary veteran singer, Cho Young Pil has permitted Bobby Kim to remake one of his hit tracks!

On April 23rd, a representative of Bobby had an interview with Osen and revealed, "Cho Young Pil has given permission to Bobby Kim for the first time to remake one of his songs.  Bobby plans on inputting his remake version of Cho Young Pil's 'Reunion in the Memories' in his next special album."

In the past, Bobby has even done a rendition of 'Reunion in the Memories' through MBC's 'I am a Singer'.  Cho Young Pil who attended as a guest judge, highly praised Bobby's breathtaking performance.

This is the first time that Cho Young Pil has allowed any junior singer to remake his songs, which makes this whole offer all the more important and meaningful.  Cho Young Pil has expressed that if it's Bobby Kim, he wouldn't mind having his songs remade.

Bobby Kim plans to release his special album in June.

Source + Photos: Osen


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