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KARA acknowledged as the current "hot models" in advertising

April 11, 2012 @ 8:26 am
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KARA is receiving the spotlight as the current "hot models" of the Korean advertisement industry.

After KARA resumed activities in Korea starting last June, they signed a total of six contracts to promote brands as endorsement models.

The KARA members are currently models for cosmetics (Nature Republic), cars (Kia Pride), casual and sports clothing (Kappa, Union Bay), food (Snickers, Mango Six) among others.  Usually the endorsement models for these types of huge brands are reserved for big-name actors, but KARA is showing that they can promote a variety of products and produce positive results.

When considering that they only returned to Korea to promote their 3rd album for three weeks last September, the fact that the group still continuously appeared in commercials to greet their fans as models while receiving high praise for their work is truly amazing.  KARA is not only in advertising in their native Korea, but are active in Japan as well, where they are in advertisements for products like hair dye, pastries, and drinks, proving their worth overseas as well.

KARA will start their concert tour 'KARASIA' in Yokohama on April 14th. The group will tour around Japan visiting other sites such as Nagoya, Osaka, and Toyko to perform in front of 130,000 screaming, adoring fans.

The tickets to the concerts were sold out immediately after sales began so two additional shows at Saitama Super Arena have been included in the tour. Once they finish the 'KARASIA' tour in Japan, KARA plans to refocus on promotions in Korea.

Source: Herald Kyungje via Naver



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