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Girl's Day member Yura reveals dramatic hairstyle transformation

April 10, 2012 @ 2:36 am
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Girl's Day member Yura is drawing attention for dramatically cutting her hair into a short, bobbed hairstyle for their new mini-album concept.

She revealed her new hairstyle through her Twitter on April 10th, uploading 2 photos of her short hair along with the caption, "Yura's hair was cut short for the upcoming Girl's Day album~ does it suit me?"

Netizens who saw the photos complimented her new hairstyle, leaving comments such as, "Because of the change in hairstyle, she's almost unrecognizable", and "Yura has transformed into a spring lady."

A representative from DreamT Entertainment, the girls' agency, revealed the reason behind her dramatic change in hairstyle, saying, "The upcoming album's concept required a cute and adorably sexy image transformation, so Yura decided to take the initiative by cutting her hair short. A little while ago, there were rumors that Girl's Day had switched and added a new member, but it was because people were unable to recognize Yura, who not only cut off her hair but also lost 4 kg. They thought she was a different person."

In related news, Girl's Day will release their second mini-album,'Everyday 2', on April 18th, and plans to actively promote their new album.

Source + Image: Yura's Twitter


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