BoA praised for her good "global" manners on 'K-Pop Star'

April 30, 2012 @ 1:26 pm
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Global star BoA was recently spotted displaying her good manners during the final episode of 'Survival Audition K-Pop Star'.

During the show, ex-contestants Choi Rae Sung, Kim Soo Hwan, Son Mi Jin, Lee Gun Woo, Lee Seung Joo, and Lee Michelle gave a special performance of "Climb Every Mountain". Towards the end of the song, veteran singer In Sooni made a surprise appearance and finished the song with her powerful vocals.

After the song finished, the judges were seen applauding towards the stage, while BoA was seen giving a 90 degree bow to her senior, In Sooni from afar.

Viewers commented on BoA's manners with, "She's seriously a global star", "BoA has such good manners", and "We need more singers like BoA."


Source + image via Nate

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