Baek Ji Young reveals the line-up she wants to see on 'I Am a Singer 2'

April 13, 2012 @ 7:57 am
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Baek Ji Young, who was one of the first contestants on season one of 'I Am a Singer', revealed the line-up she wishes to see on 'I Am A Singer 2.'

In an interview found in the recently published book, 'I Am a Singer - Singing through a Book', Baek Ji Young recommended Ha Dong Kyun, Jung In, and Lee Seung Chul for 'I Am A Singer 2'.

Baek Ji Young explained, "Ha Dong Kyun is a singer who hates appearing on television, but his love for music and passion for singing is well-known. I know for certain that he will be able to move the audience deeply."

Regarding Jung In, she commented, "Jung In is very honest in her songs and one cannot help but get immersed in her voice and her songs."  Jung In recently appeared on Mnet's 'Voice Korea' and worked with Leesang's Gil as a judge.

As for Lee Seung Chul, Baek Ji Young said, "Lately, apart from concerts, Seung Chul oppa doesn't sing on television much. I think he's neglecting his duty as a singer by not allowing people to listen to his voice. I really hope he appears on 'I Am A Singer 2' and sings."

Baek Ji Young is currently a mentor and judge on Mnet's 'Voice Korea.'

Source: Maeil Kyungje via Naver

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