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4minute vs. SISTAR - the battle between Shinsadong Tiger and Brave Brothers

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It has been announced that girl groups 4minute and SISTAR will be making their long-awaited comebacks this April. SISTAR will be making a comeback only 3 days after 4minute, causing many to anticipate an intense competition between the two groups. Not only will this be a competition for the two girl groups, but it will also be a fierce battle between their famous producers - Shinsadong Tiger and Brave Brothers.

4minute will be releasing their 3rd mini-album 'Volume Up' on April 9th, while SISTAR will be releasing their first mini-album 3 days after on the 12th. It has been a year since 4minute stood on stage, while SISTAR is making a comeback after 8 months since they released 'So Cool'. Because these two groups are making their comebacks after such a long period of time, fans are getting excited by the fact that these two girl groups will be bringing new music and possibly competing against each other on stage.

4minute's new album will consist of eight new tracks with a new genre and style. The producer for 'Volume Up', Shinsadong Tiger, has previously produced songs like "Hot Issue" and "Mirror Mirror".

On the other hand, SISTAR's new mini-album consists of six new tracks and filmed their new MV in Las Vegas. Their title track is said to have been produced by Brave Brothers, who has worked with the group to create many hits like "Push Push", "So Cool", and "How Dare You".

Well-known rivals Shinsadong Tiger and Brave Brothers have been known as the 'fathers of girl groups' and 'song-writing machines' due to their numerous songs that have brought success to many girl groups.  The simultaneous comeback of 4minute and SISTAR seems to put these two producers in an inevitable competition.

Who else is pumped up for the comeback of these two amazing groups and the new tracks by the rival producers?

Source: Star News via Naver


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