2PM transform into firemen for Eversense

April 3, 2012 @ 9:00 am
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2PM has been drawing attention because of their recent transformation into firemen.

The group released a video featuring the members on set for a commercial in Thailand through their official YouTube channel. Fans have been especially interested for this endorsement due to the unique concept. As endorsement models for body product Eversense, all six of the members became firemen. The making-of video showed them heading out to take care of an emergency situation as soon as the siren rang.

Apparently, the boys showed professionalism on camera, but off camera they were goofing around and playing cute games with each other. The 2PM members used props to become video game fighters, and Junho started a game called 'Let's Draw Chan Sung'. The boys' playfulness brought laughs to the staff and created a lively atmosphere on set.

Fans can watch 'Real 2PM' videos through their official YouTube channel. In related news, 2PM will be having their upcoming concert, 'Budokan 6 days' at the end of May.

Check out the making-of clip for the Eversense endorsement below:

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