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Wonder Girls' Sun congratulates miss A on their #1 win

March 3, 2012 @ 7:07 am
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Wonder Girls' leader Sun has drawn the attention of netizens for her celebration with miss A for their recent #1 win.

On March 3rd, she uploaded the above photo on her Twitter with the word, "Blessings...!!"

In the picture, Sun poses happily with fellow Wonder Girls member Yenny, and the members of miss A. Fans were treated to a scene of the six beautiful ladies celebrating with a delicious looking cake.

This celebration is in response to miss A's recent #1 win on 'M! Countdown' with their new hit single, "Touch".

Netizens replied to the post by writing, "Congratulations to miss A for their #1 win... Touch is great!" and, "It is great to see such love among friends".

Source & Image: Sun's Twitter

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