Hyuna & Boom dance to "Trouble Maker" on 'Birth of a Family'

March 10, 2012 @ 10:35 pm
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On the March 10th episode of KBS2TV's 'Birth of a Family', 4minute's Hyuna and comedian Boom danced to "Trouble Maker".

ZE:A's Siwan returned to the high rise condo early in the morning at around 6 AM. A few hours later, Boom was wide awake and decided to wake up the crew including Hyuna and G.NA. While G.NA and Siwan were both a bit drowsy, Boom and Hyuna were both filled with energy. At one point, Boom and Hyuna decided to perform "Trouble Maker" with Boom taking the part of B2ST's Hyunseung. Unfortunately for Boom, his quirky dance moves scared off Hyuna and they had to cut off their performance a bit short.

Additionally, their dog urinated in the middle of the floor which resulted in Siwan punishing Cherry and cleaning up the mess.

Check out the segment below.

Image: Newsen via Nate

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