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The various hairstyles of 2PM's Taecyeon

February 27, 2012 @ 8:00 pm
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2PM's Taecyeon has sported a variety of different hairstyles since his debut, but his past looks are drawing more attention as of late.

A variety of photos featuring the different hairstyles of Taecyeon recently surfaced on an online community site with the title, 'Everything seems to look good on Taecyeon'.

The photos showcase some of the different looks the singer has tried over the years, from short, long, wild, dandy casual, to even a permed style. One of his hairstyles even resembled that of the Tekken character Jin Kazama and many netizens received a good laugh upon seeing the comparisons.

Without a doubt, with his good looks, each style manages to look trendy and fashionable. Which is your favorite look on Taecyeon?


Which Taecyeon hairstyle is your favorite?

Source & Image: Nate
Tip: Kim

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