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Photos of Kwon Sang Woo's family draw smiles from fans

February 7, 2012 @ 7:31 pm
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Photos of actor Kwon Sang Woo and his wife, actress Son Tae Young along with their baby son drew smiles on the faces of their fans.

On February 7th, a close acquaintance of the couple shared the above photos of the two celebrating their son's first birthday on an online community site.

The photos were taken back in February 6th of 2010, when the couple's son, Rook Hee turned one.

Rook Hee who is wearing a suit tailored by famous designer Ji Choon Hee looks like a carbon copy of his Father, and the family looked happy and well.

Netizens smiled as they took notice of Kwon Sang Woo who looked more excited than his son to celebrate one year of being a parent.

"Kwon Sang Woo looks so happy," fans wrote, along with "They look so close".

Source & Image: SportsChosun via Nate

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