Park Jung Hwan loses his lawsuit against DJ DOC members

February 22, 2012 @ 8:07 am
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The verdict on Park Jung Hwan's lawsuit against DJ DOC's Lee Ha Neul and Kim Chang Ryul has finally been reached.

Many of you may remember the drama that unfolded back in November of last year, after Lee Ha Neul and Kim Chang Ryul said that Park Jung Hwan (a former DJ DOC member) was "rhythmically challenged" on 'Happy Together 3'. Upset and hurt by their comments, and feeling a lack of sincerity in Lee Ha Neul's apologies afterwards, Park Jung Hwan had sued the two for defamation of character, adding another lawsuit against Lee Ha Neul later on.

On February 22nd, the court ruled, "After taking into account Lee Ha Neul and Kim Chang Ryul's words in the context and nature of the television program, it is hard to see them as words that defamed character, nor can we recognize an intent to defame [Park Jung Hwan]."

Even though the court ruled in favor of Lee Ha Neul, it is not yet clear whether Lee Ha Neul will be making a comeback to the entertainment industry. Lee Ha Neul had withdrawn from the industry in order to demonstrate how truly sorry he was to Park Jung Hwan.

His agency stated, "Nothing has been planned as of now. He will not be appearing on broadcasts for some time, but if there is a good opportunity, we will sincerely consider it."

Park Jung Hwan could not be reached for comments, so his representatives said the following on his behalf: "We couldn't contact Park Jung Hwan, so we haven't heard Park Jung Hwan's personal opinion on the matter. We think we will be able to get in touch with him later on in the afternoon... After talking it over with his lawyers, we will figure out how to proceed. We don't think we will be able to accept this ruling."

Source: Osen, Newsen via Nate, TVdaily


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