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IU to become a... thief?

February 29, 2012 @ 7:55 am
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A few days ago, SBS teased fans with photos of IU at the filming location of 'Salamander Guru'. It turns out that she will be taking the role of a girl who pickpockets.

On the morning of February 29th, SBS posted on their official Twitter account along with the photo above, "Nation's sweatheart IU to transform into a pickpocket! Will Won Sam and Sun Dal be able to capture IU?"

The photo shows the IU wearing yellow earmuffs with her hair tied up along with a white coat. Don't let the innocent appearance fool you, for her fingers are waiting to snatch your wallet!

Netizens replied, "Her yellow earmuffs are so cute!", "Seeing her dressed up like that, she looks a lot like a high schooler", and "IU as a pickpocket? Looking forward to it."

Catch IU playing the role of a thief who steals Won Sam's wallet on March 2nd!

Souce & Image: Star News via Nate



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