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YG has fans buzzing over mysterious 'February 1st' post

January 27, 2012 @ 7:17 am
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YG Entertainment is famous for churning out numerous teasers that reveal frustratingly little. It looks like the conglomerate is at it once again, as they've just posted a mysterious date on their YG-Life blog!

On January 27th, the staff revealed a graphic that simply stated, "2012.02.01"

The date immediately set off various rumors, as YG fans tried to puzzle out its significance.

Could it mean that Big Bang will release an actual video teaser on that date? Or does it pertain to Se7en, who's slated to make his Korean comeback fairly soon?

There's only one way to tell with YG, and that's just to wait it out.

Check back with allkpop for more updates!


Source: YG-Life blog

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